The author with Rochus Misch,
the last survivor of the bunker

For the tragic role that Adolf Hitler had in the history of the twentieth century, the Berlin bunker, where he committed suicide on 30 April 1945, is certainly among the sites with historic value and its preservation is not only a German question but of the whole humanity. This bunker is buried, since more than half a century, in a place of the city of Berlin and its condition is unknown.
Before the Soviet troops, later the Germans of DDR and now the politicians of the unified Germany have been afraid that these rests could become object of nostalgic demonstrations. In the meanwhile, however, they buried, concealed and "preserved" the bunker, not building on it any complex of edifices.
During the last years I have studied all the available literature regarding the bunker, examined documents in the German Federal Archives, identified and contacted the firm which built the bunker in 1944, made checks and surveys "in loco". The result has been the individualization of the site where the bunker is buried.

The book runs through the vicissitudes of the last days of bunker up to the end of its protagonists and reconstructs its history from the Soviet troops occupation to its (false) destroying, from the casual discoveries of its rests to the subsequent concealments, from the errors of identification to the false journalistic "scoop" and finally to the mystifications through the carrying out of feigned locations.
The book presents, moreover, the correspondence with the Berlin Authorities and that one with UNESCO, based on my request of insert the Hitler bunker in the list of monuments "World Heritage".

The book is updated to the 2011 novelties on the bunker's site.

Pietro GUIDO